Mick HanleyDocumentary artist and designer

Welcome to my website


In these pages you'll find just a brief view of the different kinds of paintings and drawings I've produced for private and commercial clients over the years.

I'm a documentary artist with particular interests in recording architecture and landscapes, and still-lifes of pop objects.

I paint in oil paint on linen, watercolour on paper,

and the age-old medium of egg tempera, on paper or on gesso board.

As I've produced over 700 images in my professional career I hope you'll appreciate that I can only show you the tip of the iceberg, and your favourites might not be here.

I'll try to vary the content from time to time so you won't get bored!

Marianne Helsinki 2018.JPG
Cheapskates pointing hand 1998.jpg
Cheapskates finger
watercolour  1998

Marianne, Helsinki   oil on linen   2021

Slow 6 edit 1 7.5.2021 EA017552.JPG

Documentary realism and Ruinenlust

I describe many of my paintings as 'documentary realist' as I've concluded that much of what I do is to document  buildings through the years. Inevitably the state of buildings change through maintenance, repainting, neglect, decay or even demolition: unwittingly what's left very often is only my photographic or painted record of these former structures.

Ruinenlust is one of those German concepts that describe the passion many people have for derelict places or old ruins. As technology has advanced, so it has left behind old artifacts like abandonded factories, viaducts and other structures recently rediscoverd by tv film makers. I was always fascinated by these buildings and hadn't realised until quite recently I wasn't alone in having this interest.

Slow no 5   oil on linen  2021

Suomenlinna gateway 1998.jpg
Suomenlinna Gateway  Helsinki
watercolour 1997
Oman wadi
watercolour 2004